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The Latest Formulation
Of Strong Nourishing Beeswax
Mintiml™ with the latest formula developed in the US in 2023.Each can deeply moisturize and repair our wood products, which is more effective than any other wax on the market!
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All natural and well prepared multi in one formula, which is beneficial to the deep care of furniture

Furniture care

Use beeswax furniture polish to rejuvenate dim furniture. Remove wax and dirt accumulated for many years, restore the appearance of old furniture, and improve the natural beauty and texture depth of finished and unprocessed wood.

Natural ingredients

The wood flavoring beeswax we use for furniture is made by mixing natural beeswax and mineral oil through traditional technology. No transgenic, no paraffin, non-toxic, safe and healthy. The beeswax gives off a light smell of natural honey, which is pleasant.

An altogether new aspect

The function of bee wax furniture polish is to remove grease, dirt and dust from the paint surface. It can be safely used for beeswax furniture and treated wood. It also cleans and polishes wood floors!

Wide applicability

Our beeswax can be used for finished and unfinished wood surfaces. Let your wooden furniture have an elegant luster and smooth surface. Provide good durability and restore the natural beauty of wood.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Our scope of application
Ideal for most types of sealed wood —light or dark!
“Great product!”
Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2021
This product is awesome! We took a picture halfway through so you can see the difference it made in this antique dresser. It went from dry and dull to shiny and beautiful. Regular furniture polish never gave this result.
—Alan E Summerville
“Just what I wanted”
Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2022
I have been using Mintiml Beeswax for over 20 years on furniture and guitars. I own a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special that has had all the finish taken off and I rub beeswax into the wood to keep it from splitting or cracking. See photo
—Paul W
“Love everything about this product!”
Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2021
Look at the shine on this 50 year old dresser. The smell is even better!
—Carolina Girl